Work Woes


Bored on a wintery day, stuck at work, and no customers. What are we to do? Start a blog of course? Amidst the laughter, pranks, and older gentleman doing Tai Chi in the lobby, we came to the conclusion that it was time to share our stories with the world. See, most PEOPLE thank theater employees for working (not sure why, we’re getting paid to do it but you’re welcome). But on top of that, the way the regulars (and nonregulars) interact with the employees make up for some funny sh*t. Hence, this masterpiece has come to life consisting of a few authors and storytellers. No real names are used begging the need for codenames.


This has stemmed into a much larger effort, one that I have now expanded to all aspects of life…


Sometimes I see the stupid shit that people do while I’m on the clock (ya know, at work).

Sometimes I laugh.

Sometimes I stare.

And other times, I’m like what the f***are you doing??

It boils down to:

I Get paid for This??

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