Hey, it’s me. I’m a movie freak – not a guru because that would signify that I actually know things about the movies I watch beyond the movie theater. I don’t. But here you will find my very valuable opinion (or not) as to which movies I think bombed, the ones that were okay, and others that were pretty good. I don’t rate movies really high probably due to the large amount of books/movies that I have come in contact with. I may not know a lot about this world but I do know a good movie when I see one. I look at acting, character development, cgi, presentation, and overall emotion of the movie. Sure there might be other facts (cute actor, expected movie) but for the most part, I’m unbiased when it comes to the films. I write down my feelings whether you like it or not. Most of my opinions are different from the masses but I like to be unique. Enjoy!

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