Liar, Liar, Vampire

A Nickelodeon Original Film

First of all, before you judge, we all have a sweet spot for something. It just so happens that my sweet spot is for really, really, cheesy movies.

This one definitely fit the bill. If you get past the the terrible acting and not so awesome script, you get kind of a warm fuzzy feeling inside from this film.

In some ways, it’s a reverse parody of all the stupid vampire films we’ve had of late. Basically, a teenager with no ability to fit in is mistaken for a vampire (based on all the fake facts we know from Twilight, ew). Another outcast at the same school sees it as an opportunity to make everyone look like idiots and begins helping said teenager look and play the part, eyes, fangs, and all.

What results is a hilarious take on a craptastic and idiotic school with nothing better to do than believe in vampires, including one researcher who refuses to believe that the teenager could be anything but a vampire.

If you need some awkward laughter in your life… this is it.

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