Fruits Basket

Honestly (unfortunately/fortunately) this was my very first anime. I’m not counting Pokemon, Digimon, Power Rangers, or anything else shown on American TV.

Let me just say this… as a starter Anime, it was fantastic. It’s not for people who only enjoy action, adventure, or thrillers. Those people would be best suited for Naruto, Fullmetal Alchemist (Brotherhood is better), Death Note, Code Geass, Attack on Titan, and those similar to it.

But for those who still have a soft side, Fruits Basket is the way to go.

Fruits Basket tells the story of a young woman, left with nothing, who happens to end up living with three young men (seems like a very common theme in these types of animes – harems). What she doesn’t know is that these three, along with 10 others, are a part of a secret curse. They are all… ZODIAC MEMBERS! No, I mean seriously. When touched by the opposite gender (and someone who isn’t part of the zodiac), they turn into their corresponding zodiac animal. And there’s all 12 of them – including the cat.

What ensues is chaos, love, and a group of strangers growing together as a family.

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