Dear Weird People Who Choose to Be Stupid

So… here’s just another one of those times that I realize that all old people (or maybe it was this particular couple) aren’t wiser than this generation,,,

Customer: The newspaper said that you were showing a movie at 8:00

Me: Sorry ma’am. We’re not showing that movie at that time. Some times the newspaper says the wrong times. I am not entirely sure why but when the movie theater changes their times, the newspaper is unable to update the times as well (Duh). I would suggest checking Fandango or our website for more accurate movie times. You can also always call the number located on the newspaper to check the times.

I give this spiel every time one of these problems come up. People should know by now that technology is the way to go. And it’s usually the same people who complain about the newspaper times. If the newspaper prints times and we have an emergency, canceled show, etc, the newspaper can’t print a whole new set and send them out (unless of course you’re a wizard and have one of those magical newspapers). Hence, the number provided to double check. If you’re coming from more than 10 minutes away, you should call. It’s common courtesy. Don’t get angry at us. It was no one’s fault. Do you know why? Because it says that times are subject to change without notice. Baam! In your face.

Customer: So you don’t have a movie at this time. 

Now I’m getting a line behind this customer. And I’m getting angry. Angry isn’t the right word. Agitated? I’m trying to decide if this customer really doesn’t get it or choosing to be that stupid.

Me. No, we don’t. In the future, just give us a call and we can let you know the exact times. It would save you a trip. 

Customer: I guess I could have done that but this is the second time this has happened to me. Your times are wrong and I’m getting really fed up with it. 

Me: I am sorry but the newspaper doesn’t update their times as often-

Customer: This is unacceptable. I’m never coming here again. 

You’re mad at me because you made a mistake that you’re aware of and know that could have been fixed, had you taken the steps to save yourself time and money? Okay. That’s cute.

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