Dear Shitty Toilet Makers

Fuck. Why? I understand, really. I do. We’re all in the business to make money. Instead of killing 100 tress for the price of a few pieces, you kill one tree and it lasts all winter.

Fantastic marketing, especially since you charge exactly the same amount as the 2, 3, and 4 ply toilet paper makers (how many ply’s are there??).

My problem?? I don’t like getting in touch with myself. Literally. It’s not a pretty sight… or feeling. I actually have to use nearly three times as much to produce the same, soft (it’s actually pretty scratchy) effect. If you’re laughing -just wait till you’re stuck in a public bathroom with toilet paper thing enough to see through.

You tell me how it feels when it rips just as you get that last spot – *rip*. Shit. Literally.

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