Dear People with Trash

Again, this includes everyone.

I can’t tell you how many people have stuck their trash in a place that it doesn’t belong. Now, I know the floor is the most obvious place but everyone does that and a lot of times, it’s on accident. SO, we’ll excuse that for now. Besides, I’m not talking about that. I’m talking about the little cubbies, tables, and other furniture arrangements with strangely placed holes that are strategically placed around… well everywhere. I’m talking about how you (the strange but creative and disgusting person) manages to find every single little hole and dump trash in there. Do you know frustrating that sh*t is? Be like, I’m looking at some wonderful and cool thing and realize that in the crack of the wall, sidewalk, or in the crack of the door, someone left a wrapper.

Like, did you try to do that? We could blame it on the wind but like… really? Why were you so creative in finding a place for your trash? The fucking trashcan is 3 feet away? You’re not actually that creative. You’re littering. Did you know that there’s a fine for that??

On another note, how the hell did one of you rip the paper towel dispenser off the wall?? What the hell goes on in woman’s bathrooms???

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