Dear People with A** Dogs

I understand service dogs – usually a lab. This time it was a pomeranian, a whining one. So it’s for emotional support Got it. That makes sense. But the 95-year-old, blind, nearly deaf lady isn’t benefiting from the dog. In fact, she doesn’t even know it’s there. The daughter, the one holding the dog, isn’t either.

Every time you put the damn dog down, it whines. Who’s supporting who? To make matters worse, the daughter held the dog tighter than her own mother when her mother needed help sitting down. Mom almost fell. And guess what? The daughter shifted the dog to one arm and helped her mother up with the other. Watching them struggle was heart breaking too.

I don’t usually want to kick dogs but I wanted to kick this one. Shove it out of the room and put a muzzle on it. Then the daughter would have two hands to help her own her mother. And if she still didn’t, then I’d know she was a real ass.

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