Dear Hurricane and Tornado Namers

I don’t know who names these but whoever does, kinda sucks at it. And why are they mostly women? Whatever, I’m not advocating for women’s rights in this post. That isn’t the point.

A while back, there was a tropical storm. No biggy. But the named the thing, Hermine.

Who the heck is named Hermine? According to some sketchy research that I did (may have used wikipedia or equivalent) –

Hermine means army, crowd, and man. Okay…

It was also the 14,000ish most popular name. It moved down nearly 7,500 spots from 2014.

Why the fuck would you pick Hermine??

I’m so sorry if your name is Hermine. It’s a strange but interesting name and I don’t hate it. I don’t even dislike it.

But these namers will never have such a wonderful chance – they missed it by a few letters. Can anyone guess the missing letters?


Good lord, we were so close!

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