Magnificent Seven

I’m back!! For like the 50th time. But it’s real this time. I found a theater I can call home and you can’t beat $6 Tuesdays.

That said – when I heard that Chris Pratt and Denzel Washington were in a movie together, I was very intrigued. I mean comedy meets… awesome. Who doesn’t want to see that? And a western? Cool.

Think again. I wasn’t sure if I was watching a modern take on western movies or just a 2 hour long shootout with the occasional witty banter and what the – is going on. More of the second one. I’m not going to say I wasted the entire six dollars… maybe just four of them.

First off, I love Denzel Washington. I’ve most of his movies and of those, have enjoyed maybe 90%. This wasn’t one of them. I just can’t see him as being a cowboy type, let alone whatever character he was trying to give off. Did anyone else notice that he was standing kinda funny when he had a bit of shootout at the end?

A lot of little one liners that got old real fast. Not enough development of the characters but I’m not sure that’s what Hollywood was aiming for. A lot of guns and bullets flying. Not really gory – we can thank certain producers for not being a part of this project – cough – Tarantino – cough. Pratt was silly as always but it seemed to miss the mark. The end was lame and seemed really rushed with the voiceover at the end. I know that’s how they do in a lot of movies but this was… left me with a  bad taste in my mouth.

Bonus: Did anyone notice that the preacher towards the end wasn’t really using that sling? Even after all the bad acting, weird accents, and excessive shootouts, you’d think one guy would have been able to keep his arm probably in a sling.

Enjoyable? Maybe. I know that doesn’t answer the question. If we really had to sit down and decide whether I should have gone to a 10:30 showing because I wanted to push homework off a little bit longer – I’d be better off having started that paper.

Wait till it comes out on DVD. Even then, only watch it if you need a movie to make fun of. Watching it when you’re bored will put you to sleep. Lower your expectations… I should have. And they weren’t that high to start with…

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