Nerve – 6

I was actually waiting for this movie. You can call it a bit of a guilty pleasure – more because Dave Franco was in it and he wasn’t doing comedy. I wasn’t really expecting the ending either… until moments before it happened. And that’s where I kind of lost interest in the whole thing (was probably before then). Sure, it was a book. Doesn’t mean the movie didn’t suck.

But besides the whole “are you a watcher or a player” crap, peer pressure, taking dares, and basically ruining kids’ lives all around the world – Nerve struck a nerve. Haha – it’s a pun. Get it? Oh, whatever.

I’m not sure if any of you wonderful people will ever watch this movie (please don’t…) but it’s painfully similar to a wonderful new game that everyone is playing. There are players who blindly follow commands. There are watchers who record the players, laugh at them, analyze them, etc. But there’s no way to turn off the game unless everyone signs out. Do you know which game it is? You guessed it. Pokemon Go.  Someone creates a game (they aren’t anonymous). People find joy in playing it (blinding following clues and directions to catch the latest pokemon). Other people find joy in watching others play, filming it, etc. But the game has not only not gone away. It’s done what has seemed impossible – driven everyone outside. People are having fun, making new friends – the night life is booming. It seems innocent.

Until people start getting hit by cars, players turn up dead in abandoned alleys or dark woods, and the game takes a much different turn that what was once our beloved pokemon. Okay, so that’s a little dark. But we’re not that far from it…

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