Are you trying to TRAIN me?

Customer calls on the phone. “I’m looking for some classical music.”

That’s great. Honestly I hate classical music but we all spend money on weird things. Awesome. “So, are you looking for anything in particular? I can look up the titles to see if we have it in stock.”

This guy doesn’t answer for a minute and then, “Well, how much do you know about classical music?”

“Not a lot, but I know what’s in our inventory.” Besides, I have a computer in which I can search for types of classical, similar titles, etc.

“Can you transfer me to someone who knows about classical music? Because I’m not going to sit here and educate you about it.”

Are you f***ing serious? Why would you educate me on classical music? You know what you’re looking for right? Give me the titles and I’ll look them in the database. Then I’ll tell you either yes or no as to whether we stock the item. This isn’t rocket science. Deep breaths. He’s just an ignorant customer.

“You don’t have to educate me. Give me the titles and I can look them up for you.” So he does. And then he hangs up on me after he realizes we don’t have anything as to what he’s looking for. Rude. 

Okay, so here’s the deal.

Don’t tell me how to do my job that was trained for. Unless:

  1. You are my boss
  2. You used to work here and know for a fact that I am doing it wrong
  3. You are a coworker and know that I am doing it wrong
  4. You have more knowledge on the particular subject area and know that I am doing it wrong

Do you know what is common in all four scenarios? All of those people know that I am doing it wrong. If you think an employee is doing it wrong, suggest another option.

And don’t be harsh about it. I bet you that 90% of hourly employees aren’t big fans of their jobs. Don’t make it worse for them just because you don’t get it…

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