The Walk – 8

Was really skeptical about this one – main actor seemed to have lost a ton of weight for this movie too. And those accents… I almost walked out but something kept me in my seat, wondering what would happen and how everything would play out. Sure, I could have read about it later but something about seeing it…

Very interesting and daring movie about how one man walked across a wire between the twin towers. That’s definitely a bold move. I also loved the tight friendship between all of them. Sad to see the woman go at the end (not sure if that’s part of the movie or actually true) but it shows that not everyone follows the same dreams or paths.

I would recommend it but realize that there are slow moments, moments when you think it’s over, and other moments when you think some good can come out of it. There isn’t a lot of action or heroics either. Still, it was a heartwarming, enjoyable movie. And fantastic to watch in IMAX

Check this out!

Need a more thorough review – Peggy@theMovies

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