Hotel Trans 2

I’ve been gone for a while and that kinda sucks. What sucks more is that I no longer work at a movie theater and therefore, I have to actually pay for movies like regular people. That’s a terrible thing to realize – that movies actually cost a fortune. I kinda feel for everyone who always told me that they were expensive… then again you always have the option not to go to the movie. So, actually that’s your fault. Especially when you’re still paying for it. 

Anywho – I’m back with reviews but my movies will be a little more selective – only slightly. I’m still curious about most of them. That is, unless it’s like a Steve Jobs movie. Who watches those?

Ok, Hotel Trans 2. The first one was cute and even funny. It takes the whole monster thing and puts it in animation. I found myself actually enjoying it. Then they had to go and make a sequel. WTF. Sure, still kind of cute. And I’m not going to go in detail about this movie just in case you actually care about watching it but there is only one thing that I saw throughout the entire movie.

The theme of acceptance.

Basically a father tells his daughter that whoever or whatever the child wants to be is fine (so long as it’s whatever the father desires, of course!) And the father stresses this throughout the movie – whoever or whatever you are, it’s okay with me. But alongside that statement, the father is trying anything and everything in his power to make sure the child comes out just the way he (the father) likes it. Nothing is working and the father fears that the child may indeed be one of the things that he doesn’t want. Oh no! In the end, the child shows that he is what the father wanted. The father rejoices and says – whatever or whoever you are, it’s okay with me.

No sh*t, Sherlock. Of course everything is okay now that it went your way. That makes me really angry. Sure you can hope for one thing, but if you push for it, you’re not giving anyone any choices and that sucks. This makes me almost as made as How to Train Your Dragon 2 with the whole mom reunion thing. Password: katchup

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