Crimson Peak – 9

I definitely got the feeling that this was going to be a straight on horror movie – like all the screams and everything. Instead, it turned out more like a mystery, thriller, horror thing. And at first, I wasn’t sure how good it was going to be. Most horror movies that try to engulf other subjects don’t turn out well and worse, they tend to suck.

But this, this was actually enjoyable. The story line was somewhat lame – falling in “love” at first sight and trying to live a life in some creepy mansion. The secret behind it all (multiple secrets if you know what I mean). And the horrifying realization about the past choices that can’t be undone. Weird to see Loki and Jax Teller in here (don’t really care bout their real names….) but they fit in pretty well. Loki seems to be an all around great actor.

This movie, besides the horror, gave off a gory/slasher (with much better effects that make your stomach wrench) and tim burton feel. I would probably watch this again once it comes out on dvd. Well done.

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