We are Your Friends

He was on the fast track to fame… ish. Zac Efron had finally started to bloom without Disney. Sure there were a few stupid movies and others that I wish had never been made but overall, he was a pretty good actor and even better singer. But this movie proved one of two things (or probably both) – he still needs some acting direction and his talent agency (or whatever they’re called) needs to pick better movies for him.

Zac Efron was a trying DJ who met the right guy, screwed his girl (so the right guy became the wrong guy?), and left his friends in the dust. But then he realized what a terrible lonely life that was (about a 2 second scene) before taking control of his life again, mourning the death of his friend, and getting back on the wagon. A true coming of age story. The problem lies in its execution. There was really no acting. It seemed more like a mockumentary of sorts, an informational on how to be a dj but drama, angst, and partying mixed in. Honestly, it was kind of disappointing that it didn’t run smoother. It was almost like clips from pages in a diary. Not worth it.

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