The Perfect Guy – 6

I don’t have much to say about this. Honestly, it didn’t excite me. I only found out later that people near my theaters only cared because he was local to the area. Great. Other than that, it just seemed a little lacking. Typical thriller story of scary fling who wants you no matter what it takes. Or no one can have you. Oh no! Some scenes seemed a little unbelievable, especially how trusting everyone was. Even when people realized how terrible he could be, they still kind of stuck around.

It was a little fun to watch but there was nothing new. I’m still waiting for a good Tyler Perry movie – I Can Do Bad All By Myself -. That’s where it counted. That was an excellent one. If we can get more movies like that (doesn’t have to be Tyler Perry), I’ll give it 5 stars (or a 10 rating, in this case).

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