Maze Runner – 6/7? – SPOILERS

The fated review. I’ve waited for this movie for so long ever since the first one. I kind of enjoyed the Lord of the Flies feel and it seemed to be going in a direction that felt right. I wasn’t going to read the books and ruin my appetite.

But I didn’t have to. The movie ruined it for me. My god, it was terrible. I’m sorry but there was just so many things terribly wrong with this entire ordeal. Okay, so they get rescued and then Thomas realizes that they’ve been tricked. So they escape. It seems that only one boy was asking the pertinent questions about plans, food, and almost anything else.

Thomas was too blinded by not being held against his will that he dragged his friends across the desert? to what was rumored to be the right arm. Did it exist? Not sure. But Thomas was going anyway. The girl always seemed suspiciously quiet and no one ever suspected her. That’s great.

Oh and, how did they survive? Pure determination? Really? They were just kids. Yeah, they had all survived in this maze but this was completely different. Okay, moving on. I think it was really the end that got me. The betrayal, the fight, and the fact that Thomas had in fact saved everyone. But he still can’t remember (apparently memories are returned in the third installment). How did these kids all learn how to use guns? To fight? And why is everyone following Thomas? We’ve all seen him make so many mistakes! Is it because he’s kinda charming or is it just because he saved them?

But the last part was the absolute worst. Thomas is standing with the few stragglers that are left and says that he’s going back to get his friends. It’s a suicide mission but Thomas’ only concern was getting Minnow based on a promise made earlier. This is stupid. But Thomas looks earnestly at all of them. He might have said something else but I doubt it. And then they’re all look, yep that’s convincing. Awesome. What’s your plan? And we all know how Thomas is with plans…

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