Hitman Agent 47

I’ve been gone a long time… and I’m sorry about that. Frankly, school is a lot more work than I thought it’d be and I see no lingering fans yelling for me to continue my under researched, opinionated posts. But I’m back now. So those phantom worriers can stop worrying. I don’t know how constant I’ll be but I’m always watching movies, so there will always be an upcoming review.

To the basics. This movie was sooooooooo hard to watch. In fact, I walked out. Sure, he looks cool and it’s got this James Bond feel to it but there was nothing extra that made this movie special. Lots of theatrics, flips, guns with seemingly endless bullets (counted 12 from one gun without a new clip). It was a bunch of back and forth – oh you can’t trust him, trust me because I’m not the bad guy. Who cares? I didn’t really care about the cast, as well as the acting seemed kind of subpar. Again, this is my opinion. I wouldn’t have paid for this movie if I had had to.

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