Fantastic Four – 4 haha

They just had to go and ruin this movie. Sure, maybe what we grew up wasn’t accurate or wasn’t amazing. But it was entertaining and fun. I liked it. And yeah, the second movie was crap. But this version? This version made it seem like the first set was made by God himself. This was absolutely terrible and I’m not sure what Hollywood was thinking. IF they were at all. I like the main actor but he’s usually better in lower budget movies where he has freedom to act and stretch his wings. This was a remake and he had to act within a certain realm but still…. I wouldn’t recommend this one at all whether it be the acting, the nostalgia, or anything else. There wasn’t much to the character development and the iconic phrase “it’s clobbering time” was rushed and came out at the worst time. I guess it was enjoyable for the younger kids or something but I wouldn’t watch if I had to pay… any amount of money.

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