Trainwreck – 4/5

I’m Back!!! I know, I never left. I got lazy and didn’t write not that many of you care:) Anyways, I didn’t enjoy this movie, probably why it took me so long to write on it. To me (and only in my opinion), this movie was redemption for sluts. Sure, their father brought them up wrong. That sucks. But you can have terrible ideals and not act on all of them. She didn’t have to sleep with every single person she laid her eyes on (and I can’t even get one relationship…)

Maybe because I’m just no into that type of humor, I didn’t really find a lot of the jokes in the movie funny. The last ten minutes were really sweet but as far as I’m concerned, it’s not a movie that I would have bothered with if I had had to pay for it. I also don’t find Amy (main actress) funny. At all. I decided to watch a few comedy things of her on You Tube and I couldn’t even get through the first one. Again, this is my opinion but if I could persuade you to see literally anything else, that’d be great.

Ant-Man was half as bad as I thought and South Paw was excellent! Paper Towns is even a viable choice for a weird romance story. Just saying….


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