South Paw – 10

Wow. Just wow. I had high hopes for this movie. I have never seen Jake Gyllenhaal in a bad movie. Sure he’s made some mediocre ones but unlike others, I’ve never seen one of his movies completely tank, despite what critics or ratings say. This movie was spot on and desperately needed in the slew of terrible summer movies that keep popping up. It was about time Hollywood brought something to the big screen worth spending my 12 dollars on.

All of the actors in this movie brought strong performances. There was depth in their character, pain, hardship, and love etched into their actions. It was a strong plot and even stronger portrayal of the love that a man has for his daughter. Sure, there were weak parts but it was one of the few movies that I’ve seen that I have sat through and not checked my watch to wonder when it was going to be over. It was a delightful experience, so much so that I might actually watch it again (I don’t rewatch movies).

Go see this one. You won’t regret it.


  1. wow.. didn’t expect this one from you. For me..having been a Sons of Anarchy fan, I knew Kurt Sutter’s style of writing & it hit every cliche I knew it would. It wasn’t bad, but by no means a Raging Bull or even original Rocky..same with the acting..while J.G. transformation was great physically.. I didn’t see the same thing you saw in it. And it’s good to differ like that.. makes it all interesting..I just didn’t see you liking this one that much.. 🙂

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