Paper Towns – 8

Didn’t read the book. Not going to. Don’t need to. But the friendship between these boys was so heartwarming. Forget the romance. I could have just had a movie with the bond between these boys, how they looked out for each other, their jokes, and their dreams. Sure, it was a little cheesy and the entire plot was a little whack, not to mention lame. Sure there were some scenes that didn’t make sense and other ones that could have been omitted. Loved the actors too. These will definitely be breakout roles for them, providing more opportunities in the future. This movie was just under Me, Earl, and the Dying Girl. It wasn’t as spectacular but definitely a fun movie to sit down and watch. If you need a fun movie to watch with friends or a date night movie (boyfriend/girlfriend of a few months) then this is the way to go. If you need something a little more hardcore because you like heartwarming action movies with some splashes of drama – South Paw is your answer.

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