Terminator – 3

There isn’t a lot to say about this movie. This was a great idea in the 80’s where we had just starting understand what a computer was and tapping into what it could possibly do for us. Typing up a report? Boo-yah! Teachers around the world were loving not having to read atrocious handwriting. An email? You mean I didn’t have to walk around the office and announce something? I could sit in my chair and type a few words? That’s great.

But now, Terminator is a little bit more reality than any of us would like. People keep trying to make self-aware computers, robots, and even dinosaurs (thank the paleontologist who worked on Jurassic Park/World). This isn’t a good thing. So many people have different ideas on how the world is going to end. Me? I think it’s going to fall into a bit of chaos as every disaster that was created on TV comes to life. Everyone is trying to create everything. We’re going to die by our own curiousity and frankly, it’s going to be a bit hilarious.

I mean come on. In a movie like Jurassic Park, the dinosaurs destroyed an entire island and killed/injured a lot of people. But we are too fascinated with the fact of having a real live dinosaur to understand or realize that if one does make it back from extinction, we’re in danger just as well. This time, it’s not CGI.

Anyways… back to the movie. I don’t care about your opinion, for one. I walked out. I did not find this movie enjoyable partly because of the fact that the young Terminator was killed off in the first 30 minutes or so. Then everything changes and now they’re fighting to keep skynet from happening. What? The only cool part was the Terminator. And now he’s gone. No use in watching. Done.

Some people said it was amazing. I would have used other words. I also would have left Jurassic World in IMAX rather than this crap movie. At least Jurassic World made more morning. It was also a really strange take on things. Usually it was about Sarah and John Connor. Now it was more about Sarah Connor and Kyle Reese. It was already strange that Kyle went back in time, fell in love with Sarah, and they made John who then became the leader of the resistance.

But this showed a new side of it that was actually kind of disturbing. John is the leader of the resistance and Kyle is his right hand man. Kyle also happens to carry around a picture of John’s mother as a source of inspiration. It also seems like he has a crush on her (ew). When John happens to find the picture before sending Kyle back, he seems a little wierded out but there is no conversation between them. Just some eye staring…

It’s wierd to see it from that side… Anyways. I wouldn’t see this one unless you absolutely have to see the “big” movie this weekend. I’d hold off for Ant-man which doesn’t seem to be that spectacular either. Basically, go to a club or a bar instead.

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