Minions – 5.5 (With Kids? 8)

They’re cute. They’re yellow. They’re Minions!!!

Personally, I kinda hate them. That’s a strong word though. I dislike them. Yes, they’re hilarious in their own short, supporting roles. But a movie for themselves? It’s just not strong enough. There isn’t too much to them except for babbling and a narrator that is forced to translate so that we can understand what is going on if we haven’t already caught on. There wasn’t anything in the movie that you would have sorely missed out on if you had chosen to watch all the teasers and trailers instead. And there definitely wasn’t anything really new…

Sure there were some gadgets that were cool and one or two scenes but unless you’ve got kids, I wouldn’t advise it. It’s a waste of time. Wait for DVD on this one. It was a valiant try but it just doesn’t live up to some of the other good movies out there….

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