Magic Mike – 7

It was definitely funnier than the first one. Much funnier. But it was awkward to see men talk to each other, like heart to heart stuff. They don’t do that. And if they do, it’s in small spaces away from public eye. They’re more physical about things or one to two word stuff.

Overall, if you came to see Channing Tatum dance like he did in the last movie, similar to his Step Up stuff, you’re in the wrong spot. There was hardly any of that. If you’re looking for Male Entertainment… well you definitely found it. I won’t say much about it but this movie lived up to what it was looking to do – please women.

So, if that’s what you’re in to, so be it. If you’re not, and you might want to gauge your eyes out after seeing something like this, then let’s go see Inside Out or Self/Less.

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