Ted 2 – 2

Ew, gross. Let’s just say, I’m choosy about which movies that I walk out of. There are some that I regret watching the whole thing and others that I have rented later on because I wish I had stayed (kinda/rarely). That being said, this movie kind of reminded me of watching Dumb and Dumber 2. It was unnecessary and put together kind of poorly. It was filled with sexual innuendos (which most of them are) but this movie had no intentions of hiding it.

If you don’t know what the second one’s about, here it is (in my own words): Ted gets married to the love of his life. Weird. I know. The movie moves to a year later where Ted and his wife fight about everything. Mark is down on his luck, divorced, and watches porn (all types – and I mean all types). Ted tries to help Mark (didn’t stay long enough to find out how but I know it includes therapy and Amanda Seyfried). Ted realizes, with a little help from friends, that the only thing to save his marriage is a child. And so the search begins for the best sperm donor…

You can probably imagine how raunchy this gets as they set up a master plan to “steal” sperm from the most perfect donor… Gross. Anyways, after the master plan was hatched, my friends and I walked out. It wasn’t our idea of enjoyable at all. In fact, I wasn’t looking forward to it all. I’m glad we watched Me, Earl, and the Dying Girl. It saved our night…

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