I might have tried this and failed before but I’m gonna do it again.

That being said, I am not rating the movies that I watch on a scale of 1-10. There is no official system and I’m not going to completely explain the system that I use either. Frankly, I haven’t picked out one and it’s going to change from movie to movie and how I feel day to day. Basically, it’s useless.

Still, it’s fun and requires little to no thought on my part. In the end, it gives you a sense of whether or not I liked the movie enough to recommend it or not. 1 is a terrible score and you should probably gouge your eyes out and jump off a cliff before going to see this movie. I don’t think I’ve rated something so low before, so don’t worry. 10 is an absolute must see but of course only if you time and only if you have the money. I don’t want you to stop doing more important things. If I find out that my water stops working, I’m blaming people who decided to watch my ’10’ movies. Basically a 10 indicates that it’s definitely worth seeing either in theaters or out. Anything in between will get a short explanation as to why it was numbered that way.

Numbers will include character development, storyline, entertainment, picture quality, special effects, etc. Again, this is all based on how I feel about the movie. It’s not exactly a guide because there’s no guidelines.

Happy Movie Picking and I hope this helps some of my readers…

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