Me, Earl, and the Dying Girl – 10


If I ever become famous from writing (not talking about these crap posts about movies I’ve wasted my time on but rather my novel hobby – maybe I’ll post something one day), I want to write like this. This movie was absolutely incredible – and the actors played extremely well. This was a wonderful start to my summer – a hidden and rare gem. I hope that I might uncover a few more before school starts again. In fact, I might even watch this movie again when it comes out on DVD.

Alright, Ill stop praising it and let you in on why. This movie was a cancer movie, yes. But, it wasn’t all the lovey dovey crap we usually see – Fault in Our Stars (the dreamy romance stuff that never happens in real life). It was down to earth, here’s how it goes, here’s how I survive in high school, and here’s how a real teenager(s) cope with everyday situations. Sure, there were a few extremes and some things that would never happen in real life but the movie was enjoyable. The parents were hilarious in their roles as well as the kids (and they weren’t bad looking either). You got some laughs, some tears, and an overall heartwarming feeling at the end. I want to see more movies like this. Ones that you walk out going, “Damn, that was good. Why can’t they all be like that?” I’m pretty sure this was a low-key, low-budget film.

And in that case, Hollywood needs to sit down and take a lesson. Every movie doesn’t have to be the grandeur. Some times it’s about the little details. Some times I just want to watch a movie that I can relate to. This is it. If you need a movie to watch (with whatever group that you’re with), this would be my first choice. Second is Inside Out.

Happy Summer Watching!


  1. Agreed! I went into this movie about 2 mos ago..moaning & groaning to myself that it was just going to be another one of ‘those’ movies. Within the 1st 30min I found myself sitting up, taking note & doing a complete 360.. simply said..I loved this movie for all it’s quirks and everything else. Sure the whole movie could be summed up in the title..but oh…it’s so much more!! I just felt like they gave so many free screenings tho that there wasn’t many left to pay to see it and it didn’t do as well as it should. :/

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