Jurassic World

Wow… did you hear that this movie broke the record of opening weekend sales? Don’t care. Moving on.

In terms of specs, they were pretty wonderful but nothing we haven’t seen recently – especially with Godzilla. I’m glad this was an addon rather than a remake because then this would be a completely different review and you wouldn’t be happy about it. First of all, the dinosaur was kind od disappointing. The Omino – whatever – Rex wasn’t exactly terrifying. That bug creature in Godzilla was.

As far as the acting – there wasn’t much of it. And that woman’s heels – I know that women won’t say when they’re in pain when it comes to heels. Believe it or not, women wear heels to show off to other women, not for men. It’s a tough game to play. I also know that that woman would have been dead already, running in those heels. In real life, she’d be barefoot by the end of the movie. The little brother was whiny as hell; the older brother was horny but too shy (and too young, in my opinion) to do anything about it. His gf was insignificant. Their parents were 2D characters. Other than Chris Pratt and the army guy, there wasn’t much to the movie. I liked the guy who drove the helicopter but his role was cut – er – short. Chris Pratt had a few good liners – I loved when he stopped the raptors from eating the newbie. Other than that – the movie was just lame.

I’ve heard jokes saying that the dinosaurs had more personality and better acting than the rest of the cast. If you want some entertainment, definitely go see this movie. It was enjoyable but it doesn’t hold up to Jurassic Park. I hope they don’t make another one. Don’t waste your money for 3D or Imax, unless you want the sound system. Just saying…

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