Inside Out

I won’t say a lot about this movie. But, it’s not exactly a kids movie (as most of them aren’t). There’s a lot of subtle references that your kids will laugh at, but won’t understand. The nice part is that they most likely won’t repeat or ask about it because it wasn’t a large part of the movie. That being said, the movie in its entirety was very interesting and had a good plot. I definitely think that it’s about time pixar put out a good movie – teaches kids that it’s okay to be have a full range of emotions.

Most of the movie was actually depressing though and really frustrating to watch as characters continued to fail. But everything worked out in the end, as it always does. If you want a good family movie (especially for your younger kids), this one’s a good choice. And don’t forget that MINIONS comes out next month!!! (Cute Spoiler Below the pic for anyone who wants to read…)

Spoiler Alert!!!

If you’ve seen the movie already:

Do you remember the part when Bing Bong and Joy were in the pit, trying to get out? The last time when they tried to get out, Bing Bong let go and remained down in the pit while Joy got out. When Joy looked over and Bing Bong said his goodbyes – there were tears all around the theater. But he as he waved, a little kid said ,”Bye.” (the kind of bye that a five-year-old says to his best friend when they’re moving away). Everyone ‘awed’. It was really touching…


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