Yes, this is overdue. Get over it.

I  liked the concept and the movie was actually funnier than I though it would be that didn’t make it amazing. I will give some props to this movie for being one of the comedy movies that was kind of worth while. Spy had a lot of funny moments. But where it went wrong was when those funny moments were reused. I am not a big fan of McCarthy because she is usually cast in the same types of roles. Here, she had a little leg room. I liked it. But after the first set of jokes, they continued to reuse those same jokes. It was like they didn’t have anymore. Her interactions with Statham and Law were shallow at best and with her boss was a little unnecessary. But then again, character development in comedic entertainment is rarely important (or it’s just that nobody cares).

I will say that it was refreshing that she didn’t jump on Law when he somewhat accepted her feelings. She decided that her friend, who had stuck by her the entire time was more important. Go for her!

If you have some free time, I do recommend seeing this one for a few laughs. Don’t go in expecting Guardians of the Galaxy amazing-ness though…

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