WTF? Who’s idea was this and who thought it would be a good one? Did any one stop to think that even though they could do it, maybe they shouldn’t? It’s kind of like that frito pizza. Not a great idea, but they did it anyway… The main actress is mediocret at best. Clooney has kind of lost his spark and House… I don’t know. The casting was really strange.

It was kind of like the end of the world meets Terminator and Elysium. It had an interesting twist but it didn’t go anywhere. We have too many versions to wimp out like Tomorrowland did. Falling in love with a robot – cool. But the little lovey dovery eyes Clooney made at that little girl was weird, awkward, and borderline creepy. The bad guy didn’t seem so bad after his reasons were revealed – typical Disney. I kind of felt that they all should have broken out in song at the end. There just wasn’t enough development in the story and it just kind of dropped off.

The end wasn’t any better and probably the worst. I’m pretty sure it was left open for a second try but sequels are usually worse than the first set. I don’t have very high hopes (especially since it only last about a week in IMAX). No, I don’t recommend this movie unless you’re there for the visual effects. Even then, I wouldn’t pay 12 bucks for it.

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