Mad Max

I know this is late – life has been busy. As for the next couple of posts, my thoughts are no in order and I have no intention of organizing them. This is to understand how I felt watching this movie. If you don’t like it, tough luck.

This movie was strange to say the least. I’m not sure if I should have seen the other ones but I thought, what heck? It’s free (I work at a movie theater) and tonight was the night that I dedicated to watching movies. I happened to have an extra time slot since I wasn’t going to see Poltergeist (which was terrible btw). I love both of the main actors, more Hardy than Theron. I don’t know much about the movie or time period/universe and don’t really care. In my opinion, it kind of seemed liked Star Wars meets a Rock concert gone wild plus hints of Prince of Egypt (mostly talking about the scenery).

It was an interesting one road movie with betrayal, action, and even a moment of forbidden romance. There was lots of cruelty ad gore, chasing, crashing, despair (for a few brief moments). Compared to the trailer, there wasn’t as much story development or action for that matter as I would have liked. It wasn’t a waste of two hours but you really have to know what you’re walking into. Recommend it? Sure. But be warned that it’s very, very strange and not all things are pleasing to the eye.

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