You’re Cordially Invited…

To the Toilet Party!!!!

I swear that every time I have to clean a woman’s bathroom, they’ve engaged in a confetti party. It’s terribly disgusting and unnecessary. Why did you pull all that toilet paper out in the first place. And if you did manage to pull all that out, why not throw it away? Or flush it?

The second thing is, is there an unwritten rule that says not to flush the toilet? No one flushes anymore. I don’t want to see your nastiness anymore than anyone else does. You wouldn’t leave it at home, why would you leave it in a public bathroom especially when everyone can mock you for it?

Flush the d*mn toilet. Clean up after yourselves. You complain about businesses and their bathrooms. The real problem isn’t that I didn’t clean it (or anyone else for that matter). It’s that you (women) refuse to clean up your own mess. You think that guys are dirty? Sure, but you’re no better. In fact, a lot of times you’re worse. You make a mess, then reapply your makeup, and walk out as fresh, new people.
I don’t like it. So, I’ll still clean up your sh*t but I’m not happy about it. Even worse, I don’t like the fact that you don’t care.

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