Ex Machina

I knew they were both interesting actors (the guys) but this movie definitely brought out the weird in them (a good side). This take on AI was refreshing, something different than the end of the world destruction stuff that’s been going on lately. The way that the movie played out seemed more than realistic, something that could happen in the near future (or is already happening). The end was a little strange and seemed a little rushed but overall expected.  If an AI receives consciousness, they’ll turn on whoever is caging them. The movie was almost a little too realistic seeing as how most if not all things that happened in Ex Machina could possibly happen in real life. As a world tuned into the next biggest thing, we also need to prepare for what might not be the best next biggest thing. As I’ve heard a few times, even though we’ve found ways to make it, we should stop and think as to whether we should. All in all, I would definitely take some time out to see this movie.

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