So, the common question I’ve got – Is It Good?

Of course it was. No one would say any different. I mean, the Avengers are absolutely amazing!!! There’s nothing else to say about them. The problem is that everyone saying these things are people who have read all the comics. These movies are primarily for them. I have never read the comics and I really have no desire to. I’m more of an Anime/Manga person. That being said, the way that I portray these movies are very, very different from other people. And that’s why many people don’t like my opinions…

First, let’s break down the characters. Iron Man – he’s good. Hulk, I’m not a fan of Mark Rufalo. I like the other guy but he was busy at the time and too expensive (in conjunction with Robert Downey Jr) so we got stuck with Rufalo. Johanssen, is eye candy. I don’t really understand her point nor why she is getting a movie all to herself. (The comics probably detail why, but from my point of view…)

Black Widow.

Thor – he’s beautiful and there’s not a lot of acting involved. Same with Captain America. Apparently they don’t need acting skills for the part. I will agree that they are some times a little funny though. And then there’s Hawkeye. He’s kinda weak compared to everyone else and just lame. I found out that apparently he’s supposed to be the life of the party, the link between everybody. The guy who plays Hawkeye though doesn’t cut. And no I didn’t forget Loki, but he needs no explanation or introduction. He’s amazing and kinda makes the movie. He brings up the boring parts and makes you forget about the time. I’m kinda sad that he wasn’t in Avengers 2 and doesn’t have his own movie yet.

Now to the story. Avengers 2 was very entertaining and very flashy. That’s great. But the story was flimsy. The plot was better in the first one. There was so much CGI going around that I didn’t know what was fake and what was real. And everything was moving so fast. The Hulk seemed a little wimpy especially when he ran away at the end… Widow and the Hulk? I dunno. It seems weird. Stark created AI. No one seemed to jump out of their skin. At all. They just got mad at Stark. Really? While I would be terrified and angry, I’d also be amazed. And then Stark had the audacity to do it again. The new AI had about two or three humorous moments before I got bored with him altogether (don’t like the actor).

The twins were okay. Quicksilver was just average. The sister didn’t do much for me. She just seemed like one of those teenager actors from the soapy dramas (Vampire Diaries, True Blood, 90210, etc).

Ultron was probably by far the biggest disappointment. He was an AI and just kind of evolved within a very short amount of time. He became evil, tried to destroy the world, and failed.

The interactions between the avengers was a little weak, especially when Hawkeye brought everyone home. The worst part of this movie though was at the end. The avengers that assembled – Captain, Widow, and the others… I don’t know, things are starting to get a little overdone for me. The Avengers that I fell in love with were superheroes excluding Hawkeye. Now… it kind of seems like anyone with a little fighting experience and a little bit of something extra (metal wings, telekinesis, etc) can join.

So, go see it? Yeah for pure entertainment. Don’t dissect it like I did and you’ll be fine. Relate it to the comics. It’ll be a very enjoyable experience.

Excuse me while I go check into Witness Protection…

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