So here’s the lineup for some movies and my thoughts. What are yours?

Transformers 5 – Really? Why would you torture us with that? The 4th one was bad enough. What else is there to tear apart???

Fantastic Four Remake – Still not sure why we’re doing this one… It at least looks interesting.

Ben Hur – This was such a great classic. Why would you touch this? I grew up watching this movie. Sometimes moves should just be left alone…. But I guess all is fair in love and war (or whatever Hollywood is doing).

Wanted 2 – The first one was kinda terrible. What makes them think that this one’s going to be any better?

Antman – Just no.

Tron 3 – WTF??? Really???? I still like the first one best. Sure, the second was flashy but I paid for the 3D and it showed a disclaimer that most of the movie was shot in 2D. What was I paying for then???

X-Men – Just why???

What are you thoughts? What movies are you looking forward to? Which ones are you not?

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