The Longest Ride

Wow… I didn’t think you could show that much boob in a PG 13 movie. Then again, I don’t think there really is much of a rating system anymore. A few curse words might make it rated R but violence and nudity? Nah, that’s cool. Before you know it, we’ll be seeing PG movies that used to be rated R and none of the kids will think twice before seeing it. Desensitized much?

Besides that, The Longest Ride was a terrible movie. As far as Nicholas Sparks movies go, nothing compares to The Notebook and The Vow. I think those are the only two that hold any substance. I’m not much of a romantic and wouldn’t see these movies just cuz but everyone needs a movie to breakdown over. This one wasn’t it. In fact, I’m not sure how much I enjoy the younger cast at all. The individual actors are okay within their own movies, and their chemistry wasn’t that bad either. My problem was the fact the movie didn’t flow well.

So girl meets guy but she refuses to start anything because she’s leaving. Cool. But they both still like each other. Makes sense. But after giving it a go, they meet a guy who’s loved the same woman all his life. And it draws those two young lovebirds together. Awesome. They try to be part of each other’s world and it’s rocky. After an accident, she soon realizes that she can’t love a man who’s risking his life for some sport. In his mind, he’s like I gotta do this. It’s all I know. So they part ways. She’s with the old man till his death. It was heartwarming for sure. He gets the auction letter for the paintings but decides to ride one last bull ride. She’s at the auction and it’s the old man’s wife for the first painting. I’m okay all the way up to this part. You see boobs like three different times, get some arguments, some googly eyes, lots of kissing, that far off look, and sweet sweet love.

But it’s when he walks in the door and buys the painting. When signing for the painting, she storms in demanding an explanation. He tells her that even though he fulfilled his life goal, he’s not happy without her. And here it is… she’s like, that’s cool. (Even after the fact that she told him that she didn’t want him if he set the bull over her). And then… they turn out to be millionares because they bought the first painting. And happy ever after.

Sappy, stupid romance movie. It was an okay teen chick flick up to the last 20 minutes. Then it just died off. I understand happy endings but this was worse than The Last Song…

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