I’ve been gone for a very long time. I know but with school work and more school, it’s hard to keep up a blog. Did I also tell you that I’m writing a book? So yeah…

Anyways, congratulations to Woodley for improving upon her acting. The hairstyle wasn’t that great of a choice but you’re making the big bucks so I really have no say in anything. Overall, the movie was kind of predictable. I haven’t read the books and have no desire to. This series is way too similar to Hunger Games and while I’m not an avid fan of Jen Lawrence, I’d watch her any day over Woodley. The movie seemed to easy. In fact, it seemed almost like the same thing as the first. Insurgent was a like a do over of Divergent with a different background and more obstacles. She still had her lovey dovey fling with Four and she fought the bad guys again. And wait – what, she’s actually the savior of them all? Wow, I didn’t NOT see that coming (I did. Why else would the movie only be about her?? Again – Hunger Games). And then his mom is evil. Oh, no! Where is this all going to go? Ah! Not even excited for the next one… I’m even more interested in the fact that Malik left One Direction. In your face, one directioners!!! BSB is still better (and still around)!

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