Furious 7 – SPOILERS

Wow… just wow. Fantastic imagery and the cars – if only I was a true car person (why wasn’t I born with better taste???) Anyways, this movie was popping from the music to the car chases (not a lot of racing) to some heists and everything in between. This is pretty different than my regular reviews, right? Wrong.

While I liked all that, the heart of the Fast and Furious wasn’t there. I mean like… it was gone. Paul Walker is no longer with us and I get that. This movie was a tribute to him but the strength in acting and plot weren’t as good as the last two, let alone 1-3 (still not a fan of 4). I understand that everything had to be tied together between all the movies so some background was shown in the beginning. I even understand Stathams revenge against them all. But everyone – I don’t know… it just left a bad taste in my mouth.

The scenes were choppy and heists were planned over a series of hours rather than days. Actors seemed a lot less confident with their characters (I understand) than in previous movies. And besides Stathams revenge and Dom trying to stop all of it, there was nothing else left to it. Sure a few other people showed up to explain why certain things were happening, an almost romance occurred, and the not so cool guy actually had a few cool moments.

The last ten minutes was the only part that I loved the most. Paul Walker is at the beach with the crew, his girl, and his boy. They’re playing with their son while the crew watches. The song comes on and everything gets emotional. You see Paul and him hanging with his boy. It’s heartbreaking, knowing what happened a year and a half ago. And when Dom leaves without a goodbye, you kinda wanna break down and cry.

Paul catches up with him and they race for a minute before driving off onto two different roads. Them feels….

Here’s the song

So, would I pay to watch the movie? Probably. It’s definitely heart warming at the end before the hype isn’t all it was made out to be. Go for the visuals and the cars, not so much the acting this time. I think you’ll all have fun.

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