I haven’t watched this either but I don’t think I will. After reading Peggy’s post, I think I’ll skip this one. I saw maybe one trailer for it and am not particularly a Sean Penn fan to begin with. To top that off, it seems that Sean Penn and Liam Neeson are fighting for the same title. This movie and Neeson’s previous movies seem really similar. I’m getting a little tired of the same old same old. Sure, he’s a bit more fit than the rest of the older actors but the plot didn’t really grip me. There were handfuls of people who grabbed movie tickets (at least at my theater) but not enough to make me want to watch it. In fact, I was going to watch it tonight but will hold off a while. I’m actually going to see Tracers (no, not because of Jacob but only because of parkour – same reason why I watch Step up – not for the acting, just the dancing).

Peggy at the Movies


So does Sean Penn want to be Liam Neeson… or does Liam Neeson wish he was Sean Penn.. either way, this film is the sadly the first one. “The Gunman” is from the same Director as ‘Taken’ & ‘From Paris With Love’(Pierre Morel) could easily have almost been called “Taken in Barcelona via the Congo” or “From Barcelona With Love.” Clearly the guy has a certain directing style. Too bad it didn’t work here with this stellar cast that puts Sean Penn as “Martin Terrier” a sniper on a mercenary assassination team in the Congo pretending to work for an NGO, who is forced to go into hiding after a successful kill shot puts him on a hit list.

Though Sean Penn does a really capable job of doing the action hero thingy here as his physicality is dammed impressive and he’s definitely believable in the part…

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