Well, they definitely did it right. By right, I mean that they captured the essence of the Disney animation to the T. The problem is that what animated characters get away with, is very different than what real people do. In fact, it makes movies strangely awkward when imitating animated scenes. The staring back and forth into each other’s eyes is embarrassing to watch (because it doesn’t actually happen). It’s socially acceptable for animated characters to act that weird, stupid, and a little off the rails. Dancing, singing, magic, endless staring, and strange speech – makes sense.

When real people do it, we look at them strange. In fact, it’s more than strange. When Cinderella meets the Prince (Kit??? Really???? What kind of prince name is that???), they instantly fall in love but there’s a whole lot of silence and not enough acting. This goes on throughout the movie including multiple times where Cinderella could have run away and didn’t. I get it, she’s protecting her house but her safety is more important. When her shoe falls off, she decides to leave it for fear that the Prince will find out who she is. She’s like two feet away from shoe and yards away from the Prince.

And his teeth – they were like dentures. Perfect. No canines. That really bugged me. The other thing that bugged me was the fairy godmother. She didn’t fit the character at all – Tim Burton‘s wife. Her five seconds of fame might actually be her demise. It was a terrible role for her. The fairy godmother is supposed to be happy go lucky and warm and wonderful. This one was like a Tim Burton bubble thrown into what was supposed to be a wonderful adaptation of Cinderella. I beg to differ. Overall, the movie was cute but I wouldn’t choose to watch it and pay the 12 bucks like so many people did. I don’t care if it was a girl’s night out. I’m watching Kingsman.

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