Second Best Exotic… Blah, Blah, Blah

I haven’t seen the first one but after this one I don’t have much desire to. With such a rich cast, I was expecting more. What I got was an empty film trying to portray love, wisdom, and life through an anxious, timid guy. The movie seemed to focus more on his personal life – his fiance, who he thought was his fiance’s interest, keeping up appearances at the hotel, and his mother-like friend – rather than the hotel. In fact, you’re not even introduced to the Second Best… until the last 20 minutes or so of the movie. Now there were comical parts that brought the movie some worthiness. It was fun to see these actors fall in love, reclaim love, and even strive for better things. But it seemed like a second string story compared to him resisting a partnership with who he thought was a rival, trying to impress the inspector (who he got wrong as well), and keep his life in one piece. Of course it fell apart and then he picked it all back up and everything was fine at the end. I think. I couldn’t really tell. I’m not really sure what happened at the end or what the heck that lady was saying…

Overall, it was a heartwarming film. Kinda like the disney movies that work out in the end. But I kind of felt empty due to the lack of use of potential of the awesome actors that they head. A good choice in movies if there’s nothing else that you’re up for. Not an unlikeable film…

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  1. Nice write up. This sequel doesn’t really live up to the first movie which had lots of very strong subplots. This is more of a filmsy continuation of those stories. I think it works as a follow up but not really as a stand alone movie. If you liked the heartwarming tone and you have the chance to check out the first one, it’s worth it.

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