So remarkably cute and heartwarming. The robot. I meant the robot. The movie was a piece of crap. Over all (I have not seen District 9), I enjoyed the plot and Chappie’s birth and how he “grew up”. But the human aspect to the story – the actual humans in the movie – were terrible. Beyond terrible. Chappie had a well-developed robot and 1D characters from the accents, to the attitude, right down to the heart of the acting. There just wasn’t enough substance to it. And transferring conscious? That brings up a whole new world of ideas, a window for bad movies, and even worse parodies. Not to mention that there might be a sequel…

If you’re expecting anything like Short Circuit and Johnny Five, you’ll be sorely disappointed. Go in with an open mind, hoping for a fun-filled, action-packed, shallow character movie. If you do that, you’ll enjoy it. Chappie is a wonderful robot to watch but the movie that he was given to shine in didn’t do him justice.

And what was with Hugh Jackman’s retarded character???

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