Got really excited when I realized that Varun Dhawan was in this movie, despite the beard. So, I walked in, waiting for a wonderful, fun show. That’s not what you get at all. I’d  have to say that this was one of his hardest performances. There were no smiles or laughter (except for flashbacks). Within ten minutes, he had lost everything. I was at a loss unsure of how the rest of the movie would play out. I was expecting love, dancing, or anything at first. But there was none of that. It started off with disaster. It was a hard movie to watch and so I walked out. I’ll have to rewatch with a somber heart. It might and probably is a great movie (his acting is pretty on point) but it’s not just another Bollywood flick. There is a lot of heartbreak (going on a revenge trip in order to find who killed his family). Worth it but go in knowing that you might walk out with a heavy heart.

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