The Duff

So… I didn’t get around to seeing the other two this weekend: McFarland, Hot Tub Time Machine 2, and I really have no interest in watching either one.

That said, I’m kinda mad that I watched The Duff. Sure, it’s based off a book. Sure it’s got some cool new actors. But overall, it was a waste of my time. And frankly, cyber bullying is a problem and needs to be dealt with. Not every kid just stands up to their bullies. Some people never get over it. And I understand that this was just a fluff chick flick but if you address one of the biggest problems of the upcoming generation, then you need to address it. Subliminal messages are perfectly fine. But I walked away from this movie knowing that everything I need is within (rather than the fact that bullies need to understand that what they are doing is wrong) and that you’ll end up with the guy that you secretly want although you don’t know it. All superficial.

Basically, The Duff was a Mean Girls remake (in my opinion, of course) and a terrible one at that. It might be the generation gap from kids born in the 90’s vs the new generation. It might be the new slang created in the last few years. It might also be the acceptable stupidity that we’ve allowed everyone to claim. I wouldn’t pay for it unless you just need a girls’ night out and have nothing better to do. Otherwise wait for it on Netflix or Red Box…. or not at all.

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