Great movie. One of the better comedies that I’ve seen this year, not to mention those hot British accents. And to clear something up, totally unrelated. This is a message out to all those frauds, those people who fake British accents to get girls or boys – it doesn’t work. Well, it might. But there’s criteria attached to it. First of all, if you don’t know anything about the UK, the accent doesn’t work. If you show no patriotism towards your country, again, the accent doesn’t work. If you switch between the accent and your normal demeanor, I call your accent – an accident. And last but not least (shallow as it is), if you’re not good-looking, I could care less about your accent. Your voice, it sounds nice, sexy even. But then I look at your face – ugly ruins it….

Moving on. Kingsman was a mixture of Kickass and James Bond. Well done, written, and acted. Sure there were some slow parts but the movie was supposed to comical with a little bit of spy mixed in. They got it across. I have thought about seeing this movie again but have to hold off for the new movies…

Go see this one!

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  1. Ouch!! you really told some people off. ha! I’m from the Netherlands, had some British schooling, but have been in the states for so many years my little bit of mix accent only comes out when I’m drunk..:) Other than that..I LOVED Kingsman!

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