Seventh Son

I don’t know who produced this crap but I hope he runs and hides. I have no intentions on seeing it as I’ve figured out most of the movie from the trailer. The kid’s got some powers but there isn’t anyone else to save the world. So the old man and the kid go an adventure to stop the bad people. We all know that there’s some romance and witty comments and then the good guys win. Cool. They took out Game of Thrones for this.

Waste of 2 hours of your life. If you plan to see it, you’ll regret it. But it’s not my 12 bucks and there’s freedom of speech so be my guest. Ooooo, I’m going to watch Beauty and the Beast.

*Be our guest! Be our guest! Put ….*

In the mean time, check out one of the biggest movies coming out this weekend: 50 Shades of Grey

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