50 Shades of Grey


What’s with that terrible hair??? Is that a wig???

It’s come that time of year when love is in the air. Fantastic. But the problem is that people get so wrapped up in love that they forget that they have another 364 days that they need to do the same thing. Love shouldn’t be a once a year occasion. That being said…

I have not read the books. Besides have a vivid imagination, I have no interest in reading soft porn nor do I want to see it on the big screen (ten times worse). I don’t forget movies easily (I still have most of Finding Nemo memorized from when I watched it back in like 2006). There have been multiple reports that the actor for Grey and Anastasia have no chemistry and aren’t the right cast. I wouldn’t know. What I do know is that this movie was rated R for a host of things including unusual behavior. We all know what that stands for but I’m wondering why they didn’t just put it there. There are also rumors that a NC-17 version will be released if this movie does well (do we really need to see more???) It has the highest record of Fandango ticket sales since Hunger Games (and a few other movies). This movie will sell out multiple times this weekend, guaranteed.

This movie celebrates easy women. I’m not good with this idea.

I’m not going to see porn with other people and definitely not with strangers. That’s a terrible idea. It’s going to be incredibly awkward and there’s also rumors that this movie doesn’t focus as much on the sweetness on the relationship. Hey guys, I’d advise not taking your girlfriend’s/wives and just go out to dinner instead. Let her go alone or with friends. If you’re dragged to the movies despite this, go see Kingsman while she watches her porn.

And yet, 50 Shades of Grey soundtrack seems to be one of the best of 2015 so far…

I’m not fond of making porn or what this movie is also known as “mommy” porn acceptable in public. And the little girls who read the books…. This is a terrible idea. So many questions and discussions….

I’m just glad that I’m not working this weekend during the madness.

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